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Welcome to Renew

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the Inland Northwest. RENEW is designed with holistic wellness in every element. It's a place for shedding our stress - and embracing our highest wellbeing. For restoration and relaxation, breaking tensions and rebuilding new and refreshed vitality. Unlocking the secrets of the body, and leaving you ready to tackle anything life throws your way.

We designed RENEW to align with the universal values and principles to encompass all wellness traditions. We believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself, and that we are but humble guides reconnecting our clients with the dynamic and fundamental flexibility that lies inherently within. Our aim is to remove any hinderances of our universal functional movement patterns-restoring the prime vitality of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. 


Our all-encompassing approach to wellness focuses on intentional living, stress reduction, strength training, endurance building, mindfulness, and outdoor exploration.


The massage was exceptional, and I particularly enjoyed the use of the infrared mat which added an extra level of relaxation. Daniel's deep work on my muscles and fascia really helped to release tension and loosen up tight areas of my shoulders, back, and legs. 

Becky T.

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